Back in the Saddle

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post. Life has been eventful and non-eventful all at once. I’ve been busy. I was out of town for a while. The dog ate my homework. And, that’s it for my excuses. I once read in another blog that the blogger’s life was going really well, and it made it hard for her blog. I can completely empathize with her. Because my life is going pretty well right now. I mean I’m still not in love with my job and I’m so busy and tired all the time. And I haven’t suddenly reconciled with my parents or found out I’m a princess or anything.

But life is good, and it’s sometimes hard to write about my life when it’s all good. With that said, since I feel like I wasn’t thankful enough last month let me count the ways life is good to me:

  • The baby is moving a lot. I can feel her bouncing around like a ping pong ball from one side to another, and her kicks are pretty strong at this stage. I don’t know if she’s a her, by the way, but I will find out next week. And I’m really excited about that. I remember Azita being so active when she was in utero, and I keep thinking that means this baby will be as sweet and wonderful as my darling little girl.
  • Azita wants a pony. She walks around sing a little song she made up that goes like this. “A pony, A pony, A pony, A ponyyyy. A pony, A pony…” You get the idea. We’ll probably get her a My Little Pony for her birthday, but I’m really excited about this development. Mostly because I’ve always wanted a real, live pony, and I think this ups the chances that we’ll one day buy a pony. And maybe if I start now with the lessons on sharing, Azita will share the pony with me.
  • I met my newest nephew over Thanksgiving, and he’s the sweetest little boy ever. I’m so in love. I couldn’t stop holding him, which is good because he really likes to be held. The best part? I remembered what baby heads smell like, and now I’m really excited to have another baby whose head I can sniff all day long. What? Other people don’t sniff baby heads?
  • I’ve finished my Christmas shopping, and I didn’t spend a lot of money. There’s nothing I hate worse that the thought of going into debt to buy stuff for a holiday. I’m not a religious person, but Christmas does have a non-material meaning for me. I think it’s a time of year to refocus on family and the things that matter in life, and I take that really seriously. So, I’m thoughtful but cheap, and our Christmases are all the more wonderful for it.

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  • Comment from Ashley

    Glad things are going well for you! You’ll definitely have to keep us updated on the ultrasound news. So exciting! You’re right about that baby smell. I wish they could bottle it so I could snort it whenever I want. =)

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