How Things Change

Last year around this time I was heading to BlogHer 2010. I was excited and fired up about my blog. I was looking forward to a few days of interacting with smart and interesting women, and looking forward to giving Azita her first taste of New York City. I was also thinking about having another baby.

This week as I read the tweets and blog posts of other women heading off to BlogHer 2011 I can’t help but reflect on how my life has changed in the past year.

This year I won’t be flying off to San Diego and learning more about how to improve my blog. Then again the biggest improvement my blog could get this year would be for me to actually write something in it. I actually have a lot to write about. Or should I say I have more people to write about. Namely, this little person….


Introducing... Atoosa

My little Atoosa was born a little over two months ago. In my last blog post, she was a little shrimp floating around inside me. Now she’s a little person who coos and stares at everyone and everything. And laughs and smiles.

She smiles

My life has changed so much and also remained so much the same. And, this year even though I won’t be going to BlogHer11, I resolve to get back on here and write about it a little more often.

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